Nowadays, all voltas air conditioners come with a child lock feature on the remote control. It’s an essential feature to keep your AC uninterrupted from kids as they touch the remote frequently. So if you have ever locked your Voltas AC and now you don’t know how to unlock it, this article for you. You can quickly unlock your Voltas AC remove in two seconds.

A locked remote is useless as it does not perform any action. Your air condition will not follow any command that’s why it’s important to unlock it to reuse. Before you proceed further, make sure you have inserted the battery in your remote control.

how to unlock voltas ac remote

Unlock Voltas AC Remote

  1. A locked remote will have a small “lock icon” on the LCD of the remote. That’s how you know a Voltas AC remote is locked or not.locked voltas remote
  2. To unlock your remote, hold the “up and down” temperature button for 2-3 seconds.
    how to unlock voltas ac remote
  3. The remote will unlock immediately and finally, and you can use it usually.

How to Lock Your Voltas AC Remote Again?

To lock your remote again, hold the temperature “up and down arrow button” still. So now you know how simple is that and it only took 2 seconds.

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