If you don’t want a mess of wires and enjoy the crystal clear sound, you are at the right place. Here, we will help you to select the best wireless Bluetooth Headsets. Just for your knowledge, Bluetooth headphones get connected to your device like smartphones, smart speakers, smart TV, Laptop/ PC, etc.

These Bluetooth headphones can easily be connected through a radio or infrared signal, whichever facility is provided by your connecting device. Bluetooth connectivity is easier and takes lesser time to connect or share data using radio transmissions. Just make sure that you have an upgraded Bluetooth version. Here, we have listed 5 best over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones in a random order. Let’s get started

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

1. Sony MDR-1000X Bluetooth Headset

sony mdr 1000x wireless headphonesFeaturing Sony MDR 1000X over the ear wireless headphone with Personal Noise Cancellation Optimizer. Sony lovers also get Ambient Sound and Quick Attention modes. These extra and exclusive functions allow users to listen to their favorite songs without missing a single beat. Now, enjoy soundtracks without any distraction.

You must be wondering, what is the unique or special feature in this headphone! Well, this is Sony and comes with Sense Engine Technology. If you want to control/ manage your playlist, increase/ decrease volume, change the song, you are just one touch away from that, all thanks to Sense Engine.

Not only this, LDAC technology, which is Sony’s own a new audio technology. This tech allows you to enjoy high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth with 3 times data transmission. That means the sound quality is really mind blowing and it also enhances the listening experience.

Now, let’s talk about the hardware, these headphone loaded with. It comes with 40 mm dynamic driver unit for loud and clear sound output. The aluminium coated Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm not only minimizes the sound distortion but also handles heavy beats. It can produce a full range of frequencies to 40 KHz.

These headphones come with the faster battery charging technology and long-lasting battery giving 70 minutes of play after just 10 minutes of charge.

₹ 29,999

2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones IIbose quietcomfort 35 bluetooth headphones 2

If you are looking for world-class noise cancellation over the ear headphones, QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II is the right choice. These headphones have inbuilt Google Assistant, using this feature we can play music, change tracks, read texts, answer calls without even touching the phone. For this, use Action button, just press and hold it for few seconds and you can control our phone your voice.

Also, know as QC35 II, has the technology which continuously measures the outside noise, compares it and then reacts towards it. After that, it cancels the noise by sending the opposite signals. Isn’t it enough? okay! you can also adjust the level of noise cancellation. You can select the best of the three levels which suits your environment.

Now, let’s talk about the built quality. In these wireless headphones, impact-resistant material, glass filled Nylon, and corrosion resistant stainless steel is used. As they say, they are engineered to survive life on the go. They are not only lightweight but very soft and luxurious.

According to Bose, they are wrapped in Alcantara®—the soft covering material used in yachts and high-end automobiles—it provides a welcome comfort designed for all-day listening. And the plush ear cushions are manufactured from a synthetic protein leather, so it won’t even feel like you’re wearing headphones.

They consume only 15 minutes to give 2.5 hours of backup. When fully charged (takes less than 30 minutes), they give a backup of 20 hours, more than enough.

₹ 29,363

3. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Unleashed Wireless Headphonesskullcandy hesh 2 unleashed bluetooth headphones

As we all know, Skullcandy is famous for their headphones and speakers. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Unleashed is a mid-range bluetooth headphone made of premium materials and supreme sound quality. These headphones give 15 hours of backup in just 30 minutes of charge. Soft synthetic leather ear cushions offer comfort without losing sound quality. Also, you can use these headphones all day long without harming your ears.

Skullcandy claims the sound quality is very attacking with powerful bass, warm and natural vocals and precision highs. Now, let’s talk about the built quality. Hesh 2 wireless headphones are flexible and feature a metal understructure that can resist minor scratches and damages.

Using +/ – buttons, you can increase/ decrease volume, play next/ previous song. The power button allows you to answer calls with just one click. This headset is not only stunning in looks but also comfortable and durable. If you are looking for a mid-range bluetooth headset, you could go with Hesh 2 Unleashed.

₹ 6,794

4. V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Headphonesv moda crossfade 2 bluetooth headphones

These are one of the wireless headphones certified by Japan Audio Society (JAS) and support Super Human frequencies beyond 40KHz of course with Hi-resolution music source. This headset offers ultra clear sound quality and a vivid range of lifelike vocals. The crystal clear sound will take you to the other world. Immersive 3D soundstage is another addition to the qualities which gives you a live performance experience

Just for your kind information, Crossfade 2 wireless won 8+ editor’s choice and best headphones award. They are so effective that they can even cut the noise of jet engine without any problem and pressure of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Most of us have never heard about Hybrid Wireless + Wired technology. This technology helps you to enjoy music even when you run out of juice. When the battery is dead, just connect the wire to your smartphone or speaker.

The bluetooth is so powerful, all you need to do, just pair your bluetooth device and enjoy your headphones upto 10 meters. What if you want to connect the same headset with two sources? Yes, Crossfade 2 allows you to pair the headphones with 2 sources at the same time. It works perfectly with Xbox One, PS4 controllers, professional music equipment and all low-latency sources.

₹ 41,800

5. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphonessennheiser momentum bluetooh headphones

Momentum wireless offers crystal clear momentum sound quality. These are light in weight, stunning design and built with the combination of stainless steel and genuine leather. According to Sennheiser, the hybrid active NoiseGard™ attenuates ambient noise, the high-definition aptX® codec carves out every aural nuance in even finer detail. The wireless headphones come with the VoiceMax microphone, which also delivers crystal clear experience.

Momentum wireless is integrated with NFC and has standard 4.0 bluetooth. Ear cushions feel very luxurious and covered with soft and real leather which is also durable. Not only this, the headphones can also be connected using a cable, just like any conventional headphones. The cable is absolutely detachable and can be replaced if needed.

It comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer 600mAh battery. It takes approximately 3 hours to full charge. But when fully charged, it gives 22 hours of battery back up which more than enough.

₹ 79,930
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