With thousands of air cooler fans running in the market, we are here to help you decide the best air cooler in India. Now its time to beat the heat in 2018 summer. It’s already mid of the year and sun is blazing hot right above the equator. It is the perfect time to get rid of the scorching evaporative heat that’s troubling you.

AC too expensive for you? Isn’t Fan working hard enough? We have the perfect solution, and that’s in the form of Air cooler. Maybe its time that you need a symphony tower cooler. Here we will be talking about Best Air Cooler that’s running at present.

best air cooler price

Best Air Cooler in India

Cooler NameWater Capacity
Crompton Greaves Ozone75 Ltrs
Bajaj Platini Coolest 36 Ltrs
Symphony Diet 12T12 Ltrs
Symphony Hicool i31 Ltrs
Cello Artic50 Ltrs
Bajaj DC201543 Ltrs
Orient Electric Ocean70 Ltrs

Now as we all learned almost everything relevant about Air Cooler. It’s the right time to narrow down to some of the Best Air Cooler.

It’s 2018, and with prices rising, it’s time to bring room temperature down at least. So here we will be talking about the Best Air Cooler that not only just brings your room temperature down but cuts down your expenses as well. They will be listed as per their outstanding power consumption rates, performance, and durability.

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1. Crompton Greaves Ozone (75 Ltrs)

crompton greaves best air cooler

If you want optimum cooling with minimum energy consumption then Crompton is a great choice for you. This is a new desert cooler model and Amazon choice air cooler.


  • High water capacity i.e 75 Litres (ideal for 550 Sq Ft. room size)
  • Effective honeycomb cooling pads
  • Air Delivery: 46000m 3/hr; Air throw up to 52Ft (fast fan speed)
  • Get more cooling with cross-ventilation
  • Uniform Flow Dispenser
  • Separate Ice Chamber
  • Motorised Louvers
₹ 10,999

2. Bajaj Platini Coolest Torque PX 97 (36 Ltrs)

bajaj platini best air cooler price

Bajaj has introduced a brand new personal air cooler from its house. This cooler is rated for its high air delivery and big water tank. The pocket-friendly price is also an added feature of this cooler.


  • Get advanced cooling with 36-liter tank capacity and powerful motor
  • Great design and thermoplastic material durability
  • Air cooling with three-side honeycomb pad
  • Chill trap technology and Four-way air deflection
  • Super quiet performance
₹ 4,499

3. Symphony Diet 12T (12 Ltrs)

symphony diet best air cooler

Probably one of the cheapest air cooler by Symphony but worth every penny. It is a compact air cooler for medium size room, perfect for day-to-day use. This air cooler is listed as Amazon choice for the cooler category on Amazon.in


  • Automatic louvers; Multi-directional wheels
  • Blower for powerful air delivery (may increase noise)
  • Mosquito and dust net, auto louver movement
  • Works easily on an inverter
  • In-build ice chamber
₹ 5,849

4. Symphony Hicool i (31 Ltrs) 

symphony hicool best air cooler

It is an Air Cooler that comes with remote control. Thus making it convenient and easy to use and control. This air cooler is currently best-selling product on Amazon.


  • 31 Litres water tank capacity.
  • Large and high-quality ice chamber
  • Full function remote with 7-hour timer.
  • Built-in remote dock.
  • System Restore function.
  • High-efficiency honeycomb pads.
  • Empty water tank alarm.
  • Powerful air throw with auto swing.
  • Air Throw Distance: 37 ft
  • Sleep timer function
  • Fastest fan speed
₹ 10,499

5. Cello Artic (50 Ltrs)

best air cooler cello artic

Cello artic is a window type air cooler. Buy this if you have a large room or hall. This air cooler is sufficient to provide enough cooling and it is not even power hungry item.


  • 50 Liters water tank capacity.
  • Powerful Mega Size Cooler With International Styling.
  • Aspen Wood Wool Cooling Pads
  • Water Inlet From Back Side
  • Air Delivery: 5000m3/hr with the 3-speed motor;
  • Powerful air-throw up to 50ft
₹ 8,999

6. Bajaj DC2015 (43 Ltrs)

bajaj dc2015 best air cooler price

Need corner to corner cooling for your medium or large room? Well, this cooler can do the job for you. Its one of the finest air cooler by Bajaj and highly rated by customers.


  • Water tank capacity of 43 liters.
  • Wood Wool cooling media, easily removable pads
  • 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • 3-way speed control
  • Quiet Performance
  • Four-way air deflection
₹ 9,500

7. Orient Electric Ocean (70 Ltrs)

orient electric best air cooler

This air cooler is a desert air cooler straight from the house of Orient. Its a coolest air cooler which is suitable for a large room or hall. It one of the popular air cooler on Flipkart right now.


  • Air Throw Distance-60 ft.
  • Honeycomb design.
  • 190 W Power consumption.
  • Water Tank Capacity 70Ltrs.
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Ice Chamber
  • Fast fan speed
₹ 15,000

To ensure a good night’s sleep, air cooler always comes in handy during summers. The air cooler is a cooling device, that helps bring down the room temperature to an optimal level.

There is a mushroom of Air Coolers, and you might have seen one or two every next door. Confused which one might work well for you? Well, that’s precisely why we are here. To help you out, we will be talking about the best air cooler in the market, and what might fit right according to your pocket. But before we get down to the exact models of the air cooler, we need to decide what our requirement is.

Types of Air Cooler:

Air cooler comes in various sizes, design, and forms. All the differentiation to cater to the needs of different people living all across.

Talking in broad terms, based on frame format. Air Coolers can be categorized into two:

  • Metal Body Air Cooler.
  • Plastic Body Air Cooler.

Air Cooler comes in various designs. Two of them being the necessary foundation of all the coolers:

  • Horizontal Design (Pillar Shaped Cooler).
  • Vertical Design (Width based cooler).

Desert Air Cooler:

Desert Air cooler works best in the room which is significant in size, it comes in bigger form factor. It has a motor pump for water. The fan used inside is an exhaust fan. Specific desert coolers provide the functionality of Swing feature,  whereas some of them need to be manually adjusted.

It gets water tank capacity with variable size depending upon the model of your choice. It generally lies between 30-75 liters. Most widely used desert air cooler comes in metal body frame.

Personal Air Cooler:

Personal Air Cooler works well where cooling is required per person. In other words, it serves 1-2 person at a time. It is portable, small in size and can be kept on the table top. It also gets water pump motor. Its water tank capacity lies between 20-30 liters. Personal Air Cooler mostly comes in the Plastic frame body.

Advantages of Air Cooler over Air Conditioner

There are various advantages of using Air Cooler and works better if you are using the best air cooler.

  • Cost effective, It generally costs Rs.2000-8000
  • A decent AC 2-ton costs Rs.60,000 Rs easily. Air gas refilling at an additional cost.
  • It consumes minimal electricity, as it uses exhaust fan and a water pump.
  • User-friendly. No technical installation is required. Just plug and use.
  • Durable: doesn’t matter, if its metal frame or plastic, it is built to last.
  • Air Cooler is compact, portable and easy to shift, as compared to AC.
  • Quick and takes negligible time for installation.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Hope this article will help you fight and defeat the heat. Stay cool and keep reading following cool articles.

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